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The Story:
I do roughly 30 % of my concerts in detention and drug rehab facilities. This song poured out as I sat at my piano and stared intently at the toy soldier on my key chain that I’ve been carrying around with me for years now to remind me that I’m a warrior in Christ. I had done 3 detention center concerts previously in the week and I was feeling overwhelmed by the pain in the world. Even Jesus wept, was grieved and spent at times…pain in this world is real and we have to grapple with it. Yet, so often, we are afraid to be honest about our pain, and even our desperate need for God. I believe that God will be real to us when we are real with Him. This song is just that – a raw, real confession of need. There are no answers in it. It simply poses a question. But just listen, so clearly The Divine Father’s heartfelt reply can be heard in the precious vulnerability of the question itself. We wouldn’t dare to ask this to a God who isn’t good, who isn’t loving, and who isn’t more than willing.

“Yes! I Am here.”

Thanks for listening. I hope you are blessed by me, by this song and by this video.

Video Production:
More than Music & Fresh Design PRESENT – Toy Soldier
Directed by Glenn Sweitzer and Stephanie Pauline
Cinematography by Glenn Sweitzer
with help from Bill Lutsch, Brian Kagan, and Rick Harlow
Edited by Stan Moore
Girl: McKenzie Grace Watkins
Boy: Gabe Mazon
Dad of Girl: Bruce Roderick
Mom of Boy: Ramona Golden
Dad of Boy: Isaiah Wood
Warden: Tara Mazon
Mentor 1: Kathy Morford
Mentor 2: Mike Rueffert

Music Produced by Chris James, Stephanie Pauline, and Steve Dady
Guitars – Dave Cleveland
Drums and Percussion – Steve Brewster
Strings – David Davidson
Piano – Jason Webb
Keys – Chris James
Bass – Mark Hill
Synth – Brian Green
BGVs – Michael Rossback
Photography by Inspired Studios; Falcon, CO
Recorded at:
Sunset Blvd Studios; Franklin, TN
Amp Studios; Simi Valley, CA
And at Masterpeace Studio; Colorado Springs, CO


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