Stephanie gets a record deal – You GET her new CD FREE!

Follow the instructions, and together, let’s make it happen!

  1. LISTEN – to at least 30 seconds of each of the three songs (live video demos).
  2. VOTE – Which one is your favorite?
  3. DEMAND – When you enter your vote in the poll box make a brief demand statement about why you like and want this song for yourself.
  4. SHARE – After you vote, you will be directed to a page where you can click the "SHARE" buttons on your favorite song and let your friends on Facebook get their own FREE Stephanie Pauline CD too!

When you share your favorite song you will return to the page to download your FREE CD (14 songs in all).

First song to reach 600 votes is THE ONE that will open the door for me to record my next album with a record label!
(Thanks to an awesome, unique opportunity offered to me by a friend of mine who is the manager of a BIG, world renowned band. Yes. You know of them.)


Which song is The One?


What Did I Do

I Believe in You

Real Dad