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The Story:
The song “Born to Save” is one I didn’t expect to write all these years after the experience behind it, but it fell over me and left me weeping while I was in my bedroom last November.

I was 15. My world had fallen apart. Some traumatizing things had occurred and there was no where I felt at home in the world. Christmas that year found me walking, the snow crunching beneath my feet, peering into others’ windows from the sidewalk in Minneapolis. That memory is what birthed this song.

The idea for the music video was so clear to me; it was to be about those who feel left out in the cold. It would be about the stranger – who Jesus talks about when He says “as you have done for the least of these, you did for me.” The beauty of that now is in how we discovered the location for the main part of the music video. It was 9 PM and I was the stranger on the front porch – knocking. Knock, knock, knock…

Directed by Chad Tipps and Stephanie Pauline Filmed, Edited and Produced by Chad Tipps Production Assistant: Elissa Leander Tipps

Matthew Orsillo – Husband
Aria Groninger – Daughter
Colleen and Dave Briggs, with children – Christmas dinner guests Emily Rossback Howard with family – Christmas dinner guests Marti Jensen – Matriarch Mike Rueffert – Patriarch STRINGS Linda Tennies – Cello Faye Palmer – Viola Jory Lane – Violin McKenzie Johnston – Violin PROPS and STAGING Turkey Artisan Extraordinaire – Susan Adams The Rest of the Scrumptious Meal – brought by many generous, kind supporters Interior Decorations – Marti Jensen and Pamela Exterior Decorations – Mike Rueffert and Stephanie Pauline

Produced by Stephanie Pauline, Steve Dady and Jon Collins Words and Music by Stephanie Pauline Electric guitar – Dave Cleveland Acoustic guitars – Pat McGrath Piano, Lead Vocal, and BGVs – Stephanie Pauline Arrangement and Performance of String Parts – David Davidson Upright bowed and plucked bass – Craig Nelson Percussion by Jon Collins Recorded at Sunset Blvd Studios, Nashville Engineered by Steve Dady, Gary Lancaster, and Jon Collins Mixed by Ben Fowler Mastered by Hank Williams – MasterMix Nashville, TN Photography by Elissa Tipps


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