Rush the Sea

Rush the Sea


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  1. Toy Soldier (Listen)
  2. Holy God (Listen)
  3. You And Me (Listen)
  4. Little Arrow (Listen)
  5. Won't You Sing With Me (Listen)
  6. Almost Seventeen (Listen)
  7. Rush The Sea (Listen)
  8. Anything To Be With You (Listen)
  9. It Happened (Listen)
  10. Wildflower (Listen)
  11. One Of These Days (Listen)
  12. Come To Me (Listen)
  13. I Will (Listen)
  14. Love Never Fails (Listen)

Recorded in Nashville with some of the industry’s best, this is Stephanie Pauline’s first step into the professional caliber musicianship, production and songwriting that now characterizes her sound.  Stephanie Pauline's voice is said to bleed and triumph in the same breath and as always her raw honesty and emotional candor are showcased on her this genre bending artistic contribution.  Stephanie's acclaimed Rush the Sea CD, was on Christian Radio's CRW Global AC and Inspo chart's top 20 for over 20 weeks last year, and one of her songs even rose to number 3 on the Euro NCM Christian Country Chart, and to number 5 on the Euro NCM Christian Chart. The sonic textures of her eclectic, anthemic catalogue are carefully crafted to create an album with dynamic range and depth, well worth repeat listenings.  Though she borrows from many genres, Pauline takes her cues from pop music, crafting radio friendly songs that build and explode in a way that catches the ear.  With lyrical depth and soulful vocals Rush the Sea pierces the soul and inspires new-found hope.  If you are a Stephanie Pauline fan, you need this album. 
I-Tunes Review by Tim Collins
At first listen you can tell that Colorado-based singer-songwriter Stephanie Pauline’s distinctive folk-pop music is personal and heartfelt and that there must be a story behind it – as indeed there is.  “Toy Soldier” and “Almost Seventeen” hearken back to a time what Stephanie young life was anything but romance and roses: family turmoil, substance abuse, brushes with the law, and a crisis pregnancy.  Stephanie’s obvious passion for God grows out of a sincere heart of gratitude for this very personal rescue in her life, and she relishes sharing her story with young people in juvenile centers and treatment programs as she travels the country with her songs.  If for no other reason, (and there are plenty of others), buy this album to support that work!
On “Rush the Sea” Stephanie’s diverse, eclectic song cycle ranges from the worshipful contemplative (“Holy God,” “Won’t you sing with Me) to the intimate (“You and Me,” finding divine in lightning bugs and crickets, bottle tops and folding chairs,” and sacred romance in the gorgeous “Anything to be with You” and “Come to Me”) to the anthemic (the hard rocking title tracker and the insistent chorus of the closer “Love Never Fails”). Delightful in a lighter-yet-still-meaningful vein are “Little Arrow” replete with redemptive aspirations for her son, “Wildflower” a country tinged paean to a day’s adventure in the wood, and “One of these Days,” capturing an unrealized longing in the face of a jaded denizen in Los Angeles.  With guidance from co-producer/engineer Steve Dady and journeyman-like guitar work from Dave Cleveland (Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Wes King, Out of the Grey, Faith Hill, etc.), the sonic textures of “Rush the Sea” are carefully crafted to create an album with dynamic range and depth, well worth repeat listenings.

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