the Mission

the mission

Songs for the Soul,
Hope for the Hurting…

Revolutionizing the culture at large, one heart at a time
until everyone on earth knows and lives the love that is in Jesus Christ.

In the past five years, More than Music has produced over 75 free concerts in correctional and treatment facilities, has supported social service ministries through benefit concerts; raising over $110,000 for worthy causes since 2010, and has served as an independent sending agency for like-hearted musicians, artists and missions projects. Through this work, and our shared art and multimedia, ministries have been strengthened, millions have heard the message of hope and forgiveness, and lives have been transformed by Christ.


Stephanie Pauline, founder More than Music was founded in 2003 by singer/songwriter, Stephanie Pauline. Stephanie endured many challenges in her youth and went through a period she refers to as five years of darkness, during which she was addicted to drugs, robbed people, dealt drugs, and had a crisis pregnancy. At the birth of her son, she had a personal reawakening, and afterwards found freedom from her addictions within the love and mercy of God. As she experienced forgiveness and freedom in her life, God gave her a vision of using music as a way to sing hope into hurting lives; a catalyst to share hope, love, forgiveness and freedom with people struggling with the same challenges she once faced. Since then, a band of workers and volunteers of one heart have assembled around this same cause. With songs played on over 500 radio stations around the world so far, and TV spots aired internationally through The 700 Club and other media centers, More than Music is having a growing impact in the world. MtM also currently sponsors free concerts in correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, and chemical dependency centers. More than Music also hosts large-scale benefit concerts for worthy, partner nonprofits, raising thousands to further their work.


More than Music has accomplished significant goals over the past five years; offering more than 75 free concerts at correctional facilities while sharing hope and forgiveness with thousands of people. In 2014, MtM plans to expand its efforts to share a life changing message of hope in 20 correctional and chemical dependency facilities while giving away over 700 free CD’s and Bibles. MtM is also working to plant Christ based mentoring programs in the 1280 juvenile detention centers across the United States through our Toy Soldier 1280 Program. More than Music is coming alongside other non-profit organizations that are making a difference in their community. Since 2010, More than Music has worked with juvenile justice ministries and organizations that provide housing and support for battered women, and victims of human trafficking; dramatically raising awareness and money for these impressive non-profits. MtM is looking to build on that success now in 2014.


To expand the detention center ministry, the benefit concert aspect of MtM, and to recruit and send out more music missionaries and like-hearted ministers; facilitating their work through resources available to MtM. To further develop a library of culturally influential work through multimedia, and publishing. To build up, and equip an army of Christ-following artists. To serve those in need through strategic, social-evangelism projects, offering tangible help in the name of Jesus, in the US and around the world.


“Your testimony of the Lord’s presence and faithfulness from your childhood to the present is tremendously encouraging. I am also grateful to learn that He redeemed your life in the wake of a dark and rebellious period. God has certainly given you a platform to share your wonderful talent (and story) for His glory. I join you in praising Him for His goodness, Stephanie!”
Jim Daly, CEO of Focus on the Family

“I’m not quite sure what it was that Sunday morning, but what happened there was perhaps the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. I sensed a sincerity and brokenness in you. I felt that you cared and that God was so real to you. Your voice sounds like what I believe an angel would sound like and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt assured that God is real and He still does care for us, even though sometimes it feels like He doesn’t. Thanks so much for the renewed hope. I’m grateful for your obedience in God’s calling and I thank you for what you do. God is using you in an Amazing way!”
Adam Curren, Youth worker at Children’s Arc; CO

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